Our Philosophy or How We View the World

Psychology is the science of behavior.  Based on this maxim we have emphasized in our service tradition teaching others the knowledge required to help produce the necessary behaviors to live well.

Because of this, our goals and objectives are directed towards achieving that the human being can live in tranquility, in peace with himself or herself, and in harmony, not only with his or her own emotionality, reason and conscience, but with his or her immediate environment, that is, the family, as well as with the surrounding and universal society.

We believe that the basis for the logical and rational good social order consists basically in positively reinforcing the appropriate behaviors of others.  What is positive reinforcement but another name for Love?

This is why many of our methods and technologies to achieve a more coherent and satisfactory life are based on the pondered application of this basic way of being for an adequate human coexistence.

To be this way is to be a Humanistic Behavioral Clinical Psychologist.

Our doors are open to anyone that needs or wants to live better.



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