Engine Rocking

I remember having had a problem with my engine rocking on the support.  In my case, the problem was not related directly to the support bracket, but to the tilt mechanism.  I described this problem to a Seagull parts retailer at the time (Sailorman) as follows:

“I have noticed the engine support lug rocks a bit on the mounting bracket, even with the security bar in place.  Does it use some gasket to reduce the space (about 3 mm) between the support and the bracket to prevent this lateral, and perpendicular axis movement?  Inspecting the parts, I did not notice any adjustment possible, nor did I notice this rocking movement when the engine was new.  The new engine support lug I installed is some 3 mm wider than the original part, but still leaves a gap of about 3 mm.  Both parts of the main frame member (alloy and bronze) seem to be in mint condition.”

I could not get any specific answer as to why this was occurring.  I remember that Bryan A. Nelmes, the Sailorman tech at the time, told me he even contacted the factory on this problem, but no results.  I solved the problem by adding an appropriate-size “O” ring to one side of the support lug, held in place by the security bar.  This was several years ago and it is still fine.



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