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You may have correctly guessed that that is me.

In all fairness, however, I wish to gladly and humbly acknowledge the countless bits (and oftentimes big chunks) of wisdom contributed by many experts in different walks of life that have helped shape me, in the fullest humanistic and behavioral sense, as a person and as a professional humanistic behavioral clinical psychologist, and these documents to their current presentation.

Much to my regret, these individuals have to remain nameless as they are too many and I would be afraid of forgetting some of them, which would not be just.

One individual is the exception: my father, Lic. Juan Rafael Pacheco, in life an attorney at law, who with his wisdom was an expert guiding hand helping me successfully navigate the often-rough waters, at least for me, of legal matters.  For this and many other reasons, I am deeply indebted to my father, and I sorely miss him.

I hope the content of this website is of use to you.  It must be understood, however, that this information is made available to you to enhance the therapeutic relationship you may be considering or participating in, and, as such, it should not be used as a substitute for professional mental health services.

I expect that some of the information in this website, especially the various consent forms, will be of help to advanced graduate students in psychology and early career psychologists.  Hope this helps you onto a most rewarding path.  It is a wonderful career choice, but only if your vocation is to serve others.

I would also hope that the seasoned psychologists that may visit these pages benefit me with your wisdom in helping make improvements on these documents.  Any and all contributions are greatly welcomed.

I have learned that every time something new comes along, a new vision, interpretation or regulation, and many have turned up in the past forty plus years of my professional career, I end up adding content to the forms.  It is a never-ending process….  A life-long work in progress.  So expect changes….

Permission to use these publications is hereby granted for personal, professional, training, and/or academic/educational purposes, as long as the source is properly acknowledged, the use is not-for-profit, and that, preferably, you inform me in writing as it feels good to know I have been able to help someone!

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