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Our objective: Help others to…

Learn to Live Better ®

Areas of expertise:

Human behavior and interaction, normal and deviant behavior, learning to live better, stress and relaxation, family and couples interaction, sexual matters or problems.  We help children, youth, adults, couples, and families of all ages and groups of reference, as well as serve institutions, in English and Spanish.

Our goal:

Our professional goal is to create a better world through learning, effectiveness, and efficiency by the application of learning theory principles and techniques to the fields of administration, program planning and development, supervision, direct clinical services, research, and mental health consultation.  Our motto is…

Learn to Live Better ®

Our objective with the website:

The information provided on this website is designed to support, not replace, the relationship that exists between a client/patient/website visitor and his/her clinical psychologist or physician.  We hope it adds to your experience as you…

Learn to Live Better ®

Our wish:

We have a wish.  We wish that all of us can learn to live better lives, in peace, loving and respecting one another, and nurturing nature.

Our pledge to you:

It is our professional endeavor to maintain the highest professional standards in clinical psychology.

We responsibly comply with the laws of this country, and respect and follow the rules of confidentiality and all other ethical principles of the College of Psychologists of Ontario, as well as the ethical principles of the Canadian Psychological Association, and the professional standards of the Ontario Psychological Association.  Our funding is derived from our own professional activities, and from grants awarded for research, educational, and service projects.

We strictly adhere to the ethical principles and standards of professional psychology in Canada, and do not accept any donations or funds that may compromise or limit our professional independence.

Further, we do not endorse or recommend any commercial product or service, and any advertisement accepted to be included in our campaigns or products must rigorously adhere to our professional and ethical principles and standards, which specifically mandate that the nature of the advertisement must not promote any behavior, product, or activity that may be harmful to human beings, society, or nature.

No commercial advertisement of any kind is accepted for display or exhibition at our offices, website, or in connection to the rendering of our professional clinical services.

We are here to help you learn to live better.  Please Contact Us with your needs and concerns, and we will help you in your path to a more rewarding life.

You can…

Learn to Live Better ®



 We are here to help you…

 Learn to Live Better ®