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Learn to Live Better ®

Learn to Live Better ® …

# 1

Is to be able to receive each new day with a smile, and with the heart full of optimism, with the firm conviction that we will be able to overcome the challenges that life may present to us.

# 2

Is a choice you can have at any time.  It is a change of attitude and of thoughts.  Remember that the only thing you can control in the world is your thoughts.

# 3

Is to learn to live in peace, presenting the other cheek when someone strikes at us, and giving our best to those around us.

# 4

Is to be able to sleep peacefully, without fear of death, and satisfied that one leaves good memories in others.

# 5

Is to be able to share fully with our loved ones, without hiding our emotions, and enjoying each moment as if it was the last one.

# 6

Is to have as a norm seeing the good side of life, and not what is bad.  In sum, to count our blessings.

# 7

Is to do those things that would help us materialize our dreams, and in this way to be able to fully enjoy the happy moments of life next to the beings we love the most.

# 8

Is to pay more attention to the nice things of life, while giving less importance to what is disagreeable.

# 9

Is to do good to all around us, and in this way create a better society, based in love, positive reinforcement, and mutual respect.

# 10

Is simply that: act as if each moment is the last, and enjoy to a maximum the blessings given to us by life and our loved ones.

# 11

Is to create the conscience of the need to do good, and to hold as a norm to positively reinforce others.

# 12

Is to understand that what is small is what is beautiful, and that what is emotional is that which nourishes and makes the person grow.

# 13

Is to be able to tell my loved ones what I feel for them, and to invite them to do the same with me.

# 14

Is to be able to freely share my sorrows and happiness with my loved ones, and to completely open my emotionality to them.

# 15

Is to be able to live each moment in search for emotional fulfillment, setting aside the race for what is material.

# 16

Is to be able to wake up each day with a smile for those around me, trusting that it will be a beautiful day.

# 17

Is to be able to enjoy the smile of a child, and to be able to say, with all my heart, “I love you”.

# 18

Is to be able to get free of the chains of slavery represented by addictions.

# 19

Is to be able to solve the conflicts with the partner before going to bed.  It is better to be able to sleep together and on good terms.  You live more and better.

# 20

Is to be able to define the project of my life in a manner that is helpful and useful, and to carry it out without hurting others.  On the contrary, getting closer to them.

# 21

Is to learn to reach the level of perfection that makes me feel satisfied and proud of myself.

# 22

Is to behave in a way that allows me to fall asleep easily, even at times of difficulty.  If this is so, when the time comes and life is at its end, I shall have lived a full life.

# 23

Is to be able to understand that for some people there is a powerful need and excessive drive for economic success, while for others it is more important to feel satisfied and in tune with their lives.  I must choose my path with the wisdom and innocence of a child.

# 24

Is to live with a full conscience of my acts, making sure that each of my behaviors will allow me to sleep serenely, without remorse nor aftertastes, but with the tranquility and peacefulness afforded by good deeds.

# 25

Is to live making all my behaviors moderate.  I should only act without repressing my impulses and with all my strength when loving my children and my partner.

# 26

Is to be able to give a good future to my children.  My children are the continuity of my existence.  I owe myself to them, and it is my responsibility to give them the human morals and education that they require and deserve.

# 27

Is to be able to reach the full enjoyment of everything good that is brought on by life, without having to use drugs that alter my perception.  Life is beautiful as it is.  It is not necessary to change my vision of reality to enjoy it.

# 28

Is to be able to talk with my partner as with my best friend, my special person.  Is to be able to trust my partner as the person who wants to share my life-project.  Is who is always available for me.

# 29

Is to be able to recognize when things with my partner are not going well, and to have the courage to seek the necessary professional help to maintain the relationship with my partner functioning in the best possible manner.

# 30

Is to work the relationship with my chosen partner so as to progress to the most profound levels of integration, plenitude, and love.

# 31

Is to develop my life in such a way that I can participate in the experiences that will make me every time a better person.

# 32

Is to be able to face the realities of my life with courage and integrity, without having to hide from or block the experience.

# 33

Is to be able to enjoy each instant of my existence for as long as I am alive, and to make each stage that I live as fulfilling or more than the one before.

# 34

Is to make full use of the advancements made by psychology to the educational process.

# 35

Is to be able to learn in the most effective and efficient manner, using the techniques developed by psychology to improve the process of teaching and learning.

# 36

Is to be able to receive all of what psychology can give me to guide my life and actions.

# 37

Is to be able to live with my partner in a manner that allows my children to learn what love, comprehension, and patience are, and to know that if this relationship is not working, I should not continue setting a bad example for my children.

# 38

Is to be able to love myself as the most important person, valuing my capacities and potentialities, and defending my rights in front of others in a firm and appropriate manner.

# 39

Is to be able to face life without distorting reality, and without entering a personal world unreachable to others.

# 40

Is to respect the values of my culture, and to try to make them mine, understanding that the times of leisure and relaxation are as valuable for my mental health as the most strenuous work.

# 41

Is to be able to select the toys for my sons and daughters so they will help stimulate their good intellectual and emotional development.

# 42

Is to understand that the true spirit of Christmas, to prefer to give rather than to receive, is something that should last the whole year.  If so, my children will be able to become adults who contribute to world peace and understanding.

# 43

Is to know that clinical psychologists can help me to…

Learn to Live Better ®!

# 44

Is to be able to fully enjoy my sexuality, without fears and with all the plenitude that I can be capable of as a woman and as a human being, with all of the same rights afforded to men.

# 45

Is to dream about my reality and to know that dreams are a confused message about my lived reality, and not a magical foretelling of the future.

# 46

Is to be able to give my children the education they deserve, intervening early any difficulty they may face in their learning.

# 47

Is to give my adolescents the psychological help they need, for adolescence is the most turbulent period in human development.

# 48

Is to be able to accept with dignity and serenity the only reality of life that we know will occur in all certainty: death.

# 49

Is to know that there are psychotherapeutic techniques available to me which work effectively, without being invasive, and without adverse side effects in the treatment of problems in mental health.

# 50

Is to recognize the impact of stress on family life, and to face this with resolution, dedication, and, above all, the appropriate technology.

# 51

Is to identify and deal with early, with the help of a specialist in sex therapy, any problem in my sexuality I may have, or be in the process of developing.

# 52

Is to wisely recognize and face my participation, conscious or unconscious, in the development and maintenance of the mental disorder or vicious and impulsive behavior of my loved one.

# 53

Is to recognize when the pressures of life are greater than my capacity to face them.  If these pressures continue, and I do not seek professional help, they will produce stress, which later on I will perceive as anxiety, anguish, and restlessness.

# 54

Is to assume the responsibility I have of educating my sons and daughters so they can be happy in life, and so they can make their contribution to the society in which they may live.

# 55

Is to face with resolution and courage the problems and dissatisfactions in my sexuality, speaking with my partner, and seeking the professional help of a specialist in human sexuality.

# 56

Is to know that men and women are also human beings, and that they cannot know everything, or be perfect in their sexuality.  Sometimes it is necessary that I seek the help of an expert in human sexuality to be happy in this sphere of my life.

# 57

Is to be able to receive each new day with a smile and with the heart full of optimism, with the firm conviction that we shall be able to overcome, along with the being I love the most, the challenges that life may present to us.

# 58

Is to be able to go to bed each night with the tranquility afforded by having acted in a just and honorable manner.

# 59

Is to do those things which allow us to materialize our dreams, and in this manner fully enjoy the happy moments of life alongside the beings we love the most, without fears or worries.

# 60

Is to be able to face the multiple tensions which arise each day in our life, and to be able to carry out our daily tasks with the body and the mind relaxed and free of anxiety.

# 61

Is to teach hyperactive children, with a low level of attention, to overcome their problems.

# 62

Is to be able to maintain my emotionality in high spirits, always ready to enjoy each moment that life brings along.

# 63

Is to know that, when I need help from a mental health professional, the clinical psychologist is the specialist I should first consult with.

# 64

Is to know and use the techniques I need to live better, and to modify with efficiency my inadequate or inappropriate behaviors, as well as those of my loved ones who surround me.

# 65

Is to recognize that behavioral and mental health problems should first be evaluated and treated by a clinical psychologist, because this is the effective and efficient approximation which is least invasive.

# 66

Is to understand that love relationships shared by three who do not consent are only a source of headaches and much sadness for all participants.

# 67

Is to be able to live life free of tensions and anxieties, consciously using the muscles in my body only for those activities I wish to perform, and not as a fight or flight response to the events and situations which are part of my circumstances.

# 68

Is to know that personality disorders have their origin in the manner in which I bring up my boy or girl.  I must also know that these patterns of behavior I teach them, good or bad, will probably accompany them for the rest of their lives.

# 69

Consists in recognizing the beautiful gift that life gives us with the happiness, purity, and innocence of children.  Their fragility, nevertheless, makes us, much too often, abuse them aggressively or sexually, and to neglect them.

# 70

Is to accept that some people have a sexual orientation different from mine, and that because of this I should not reject them as human beings.  We all have the right to choose what we believe is best for us.

# 71

Is to accept with patience and love that my children are growing and developing, and that they cannot always do things as I would wish them to.  I have to allow them to make mistakes while they learn to become better human beings.

# 72

Is to know that not all children have the same capacity to feed themselves.  I must care for them, and nourish them according to their special needs, without going to extremes or creating bad habits.

# 73

Is to know that I am facing the problems presented to me by life, and that I live with all the plenitude that I am capable of.  Only by living in this manner is that I will be able to prepare myself for the sublime and inevitable moment of my death.

# 74

Is to enjoy watching boys and girls grow up, and how each day they develop new abilities and aptitudes, making their interaction with their environment increasingly richer and more complex.

# 75

Is to recognize the impact addictions have on my life and that of others, and to know that I must do something to liberate myself from the slavery and pain which are the legacy of these vices.

# 76

Is to know that there are people who have trained professionally to help me to learn to live better, and to know that I can count on their knowledge, experience, and dedication in my times of need.

# 77

Is to be able to express my sexuality in a healthy and honest manner, freely and lovingly participating, with the desire to produce and to feel pleasure, without impositions, vexations, or pain.

# 78

Is to be able to maintain my emotionality in a balanced manner, with some happiness and less sorrows, without fluctuating excessively between these two states or remaining too long in one of them.

# 79

Is to be able to fully enjoy my partner, emotionally as well as sexually, so that we may fuse our common life-project in only one special entity, unique and marvelous.

# 80

Is to recognize and to understand that the boys and girls with retardation in their development are very special, that they need much of me, and that they can also be the source of much happiness.

# 81

When the son whispers to the ear of the dying mother “I want you to know I love you very much” and she responds to him “and don’t I know it?



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