Cost Sheet – Psychological Assessment

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Cost Sheet – Psychological Assessment


  • Services related to psychological assessments are billed at the rate of _______________ per hour, plus an extra CAD$50.00 per additional ten (10) minutes or fraction thereof. This is our basic rate for psychological assessments.
  • Initial interview session(s) prior to being retained is(are) billed at the basic rate, above.  You are expected to pay this fee at the end of each of these sessions.
  • The cost of the psychological assessment is ________________, which includes one initial session, and the required assessment and other interviews and psychometric testing deemed necessary by the Assessor, as well as the preparation and submission of a written report detailing procedures, observations, findings, conclusions, and recommendations.
  • A retainer fee in the sum of ________________, equivalent to the cost of the psychological assessment, is required to be paid in full in advance prior to commencement of the assessment.
  • You are not expected to pay for services that have never been performed. If it becomes unnecessary to perform services for which fees have already been paid, I require formal notification, either by the court or by the attorneys of all parties involved, that it is the position of all involved that my task has been completed, that no further services will be requested, and that I am discharged.  Upon receipt of such formal notice, a final account statement will be prepared and any funds owed by me to the financially responsible party (parties) will accompany the final account statement.  Cost for all aspects of the assessment (e.g., interviews, psychometric testing, meetings with Counsel, reviewing documents, correspondence, report preparation, transportation, and phone calls) are billed at the basic rate, above.  A minimum charge of _______________ will be made in this eventuality.
  • I will meet with you and your attorney(s) to allow you to read (not keep) my draft report to correct inaccuracies and for you to write any comments on the draft copy. I will include your comments in my final report, but I may not necessarily endorse these.  Additional session(s) to explain to you, your attorney(s), and/or to others the assessment report, if allowed by the retainer agreement, authorized parties, and/or the court, will be billed additionally at the basic rate, above.
  • Psychotherapy sessions are not included in the psychological assessment process. If required, they will be provided at the sole discretion of the Assessor and billed at the basic rate, above.
  • Phone calls, letters, messages, e-mails, text messages, and/or any other contacts by you or on your behalf, for reasons other than for making, changing, or cancelling appointments, are billed to you at the rate of CAD$50.00 per ten (10) minutes or fraction thereof. Minimum charge is CAD$50.00.  Insurance companies and other third-party payers typically do not cover these services.
  • Any other services provided to you or yours are not included in the psychological psychotherapy sessions. Examples of those services are, but not limited to, management of emergencies, crisis intervention, contacts and/or consultations by telephone, in person, or by any other means, by you or on your behalf, and/or interviews made with you or on your behalf, reports you request for yourself or other parties, copies of files, and the administration, processing, interpretation, and reporting of psychometric tests.  These additional services will be charged based on our standard fees, and billed at the rate of _______________ per fifty (50) minutes, with an extra CAD$50.00 per additional ten (10) minutes or fraction thereof.  Minimum charge is CAD$50.00.
  • An itemized statement of account, including any additional services rendered and/or expenses incurred by the Assessor, will be submitted to legal counsel, authorized parties, and/or to you on tender of the finalized assessment report. The balance owing is payable in full within one (1) month of the date of the last entry in our Professional Services Statement or on settlement of claim, whichever comes first.
  • If using insurance or a third party payer, you agree to pay for any charges not fully reimbursed by the insurance company or the third party payer.
  • A fee of CAD$100.00 will be charged for NSF or returned checks.
  • All services rendered are due and payable in full, in cash, by check, or by an electronic transfer of funds, on the occasion of the delivery of each unit of service, unless otherwise agreed-upon in advance.
  • If we agree you will pay for services rendered by means of an electronic transfer of funds, please ask us for the password to use, and ensure that the electronic transfer of funds is made to the order of apacheco [AT] idpp [DOT] org on the same day of the delivery of each unit of service, as your account will become overdue otherwise.
  • The account will be considered overdue when not paid in full on the date of the delivery of the last unit of service, unless a prior, different arrangement is approved, and payments are made as agreed.  Failure to make any agreed-upon full or installment payment on the due date will cause the account to become overdue immediately.
  • Interest on overdue accounts will be charged at the compound rate of 1.5% per month or fraction thereof.
  • Legal services and/or debt collection agencies will be employed to collect overdue accounts, at the expense of the debtor.

Missed Appointments

  • All missed appointments will be billed at the specified rate of _______________ per session, unless notice of cancellation is received twenty-four (24) hours in advance, excluding weekends and statutory holidays. Please note insurance companies and other third-party payers typically do not cover missed appointments.


  • The fee for photocopying is set as per the Guidelines for Fees and Billing Practices of the Ontario Psychological Association.

Court Testimony

  • In the event that Dr. Pacheco, his Assistants, and/or Associates are required to attend a Court, for whatever reason related to you or your significant others, current, past or future, you hereby consent and agree to pay Dr. Pacheco a separate fee, billed at the rate of ________________ per hour or fraction thereof, for consultations, preparation, travel, and attendance time waiting, and/or testifying in court.
  • A minimum per diem fee of ________________, plus fees for the above-cited items, will apply.
  • Court-related fees shall be paid by the undersigned in advance or in terms negotiated at the time of the call/contact.
  • Three (3) business days advance notice is required for a cancellation for appearance in Court, as otherwise the minimum per diem fee for one (1) day will apply.
  • In the event of a cancellation for appearance in Court, consultations, preparation, travel, and other related services in course or completed will still apply.

CONSENT AGREEMENT: By signing below, I indicate that I understand and agree to the nature and purpose of this psychological assessment, to each of the points listed above, and acknowledge receipt of a copy of this document.


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