The Pacheco Zone in Women

The Dominican behavioral clinical psychologist and sexologist, Angel Enrique Pacheco, Ph.D., as a consequence of his scientific program of research in human sexuality and behavior, announced his recent discovery of an erotic zone in women, which he called The Pacheco Zone or, in short, The P Zone.  This P Zone is linked physiologically to the “G Spot” and to the “AFE Zone” in women.

The Pacheco Zone is located in women in the area of the linea alba or abdominal midline, that is, the imaginary middle line from the tip of the sternum to the clitoris, in the area immediately above and even somewhat behind the pelvis, at the level of the pubis bone.

Men, by means of a profound and vigorous massage with the fingertips in the P Zone, making a profound and reiterated movement with the fingers together, up and down or sideways, with the woman’s abdominal muscles in a state of relaxation, may stimulate sexually, in a very intense manner, the nerve tracts or pathways from the clitoris, the G Spot and the AFE Zone, from the external part of the lower abdomen.  In other words, this massage constitutes a means of stimulating very intensively the internal organs of the woman and the sexual pleasure nerve endings from the external part of the lower abdomen.

The sexual response produced in the woman by the vigorous stimulation of the “P Zone” is highly intense, reaching levels of excitation very superior to the ones obtained by the stimulation of the clitoris by means of cunnilingus or by coital activity and, in occasions, produces multiple orgasmic responses in women.

The clinical psychologist Dr. Pacheco recommended that this activation of the P Zone should only be attempted when the woman is sexually aroused and participating in a pleasurable sexual activity, preferably with the penis of her partner inserted in her vagina, and in the female superior coital position, either sitting or kneeling on top of the man.  In the described coital position it is also possible to digitally stimulate, from the outer part of the inferior abdominal wall in women, the man’s glans, particularly in the zone of the crown and of the frenum, as well as of the vaginal cul de sac, producing intense additional pleasure to the woman as well as to the man.

Due to the vigorous and profound massage required to simulate the P Zone, this intense pleasure is very close to the threshold for the perception of physical pain, making it advisable to maintain adequate communication at all times with the receptor of the stimulation, and to immediately discontinue the stimulation or massage of the P Zone if a response of pain is produced.

Dr. Pacheco informed the press that he notified AASECT about his important discovery.  AASECT is the main professional association in charge of grouping the specialists in the area of human sexuality.

The Dominican researcher holds a Ph.D. in clinical psychology from the California School of Professional Psychology, is licensed as Psychologist in California, USA, and a registered psychologist in Ontario, Canada, New Zealand, and in the Dominican Republic.  In addition, Dr. Pacheco has the honor of having been both a Fulbright Scholar, and a Scholar of the Organization of American States.  Additionally, he is a Distinguished Alumnus of the Universidad Nacional Pedro Henríquez Ureña, in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, and is well known in the Dominican Republic and internationally for his extensive and productive professional, scientific, and academic activity.


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